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Mandatory CE Requirements

The Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists (board website) is responsible for setting the standards that govern the profession.  The current requirements for mandatory continuing education are as follows:

135-9-.01 Requirements (Amended Aug 10, 2011; eff. Aug. 30, 2011)

  1. Thirty five (35) clock hours of continuing education are required biennially to renew each license.
  2. A minimum of five (5) of the thirty-five (35) hours shall be specifically designated as continuing education in professional ethics relating to any of the specialties of Professional Counseling, Social Work, or Marriage and Family Therapy. Ethics hours may be obtained from any of the sources listed in paragraphs (5) and (6) (a) - (d) below. Continuing education hours in professional ethics cannot be obtained through independent study.
  3. Of the remaining thirty 30 hours, a minimum of fifteen (15) shall be core hours and not more than fifteen (15) shall be related hours.
  4. A maximum of ten (10) hours of continuing education may be obtained online for each two-year renewal period...
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135-9-.02 Documentation (Adopted. Aug. 10, 1992; eff. Aug. 30, 1992)

  1. Each licensee shall maintain for three years their own record of the continuing education activities which they have completed. The Board will not maintain continuing education files for licensees.
  2. Licensees shall attest, on their biennial license renewal application, that they have satisfied the continuing education requirements set out in Rule 135-9-.01. Documentation of these activities should be retained by the licensee and not sent to the Board. False attestation of satisfaction of the continuing education requirements on a renewal application shall subject the licensee to disciplinary action, including revocation.
  3. The Board will audit a fixed percentage of the renewal applications. Licensees whose applications are audited will be required to document their continuing education activities...
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