A New Website For Your Practice

A clinically-oriented HIPAA-compliant website for your single practice, partnership or counseling center is an important and almost necessary marketing tool, in this day and age. Best is a website that is optimized for social media, eCommerce, online telemental health, online payments, audio-video, appointment scheduler, mobile (phone and tablet) version and other such state-of-the-art features. A few design firms specialize in creating and maintaining websites. As a service to our members, the following is a summary of features and costs, current as of July 2013 (please verify terms and conditions on each company’s website).

ClickPsy.com is a Georgia-based company* that, currently, offers a special 25% discount off regular purchase prices to all GAMFT members and an introductory discount of 10% to new clients licensed for less than 2 years. ClickPsy designs, builds and sells a fully-customized website to clinicians, who own it outright.  In addition to discounts, it also offers interest-free payment terms up to 24 months.  ClickPsy is the web design company that built and maintains the GAMFT website.

TherapySites.com is perhaps the best know company and is closely connected to Psychology Today and other national Associations. TherapySites does not sell its websites to clinicians, but rents a customized website for a monthly fee (currently $59 per month).  This is a great choice for clinicians who are happy with a no-hassle, turn-key website template that they can rent for as long as they want and let go as they please, without further obligation.

Homestead.com lets clinicians build their own website, using simple online tools.  After the site is built by the clinician, Homestead rents it for a monthly fee, which currently is between $4.99 (for the simplest site) and $59.99 (for the most complex site).  This is a great choice for clinicians who have the skills to build their own website. Homestead does not specialize in clinical websites, but has a variety of templates to choose from that have a healthcare theme.

Site2You.com is another design company that does not specialize in clinical websites and asks clinicians to build their own website using online tools. They only offer websites for rent as well, with a monthly fee of between $24.95 and $49.95 (the latter price just changed a couple of days ago from $45.95).  A good alternative to Homestead for the do-it-yourself clinician.

Webhostforall.com is an affordable choice and has been a good provider for a relatively long time. However, as of this writing, their website is experiencing some difficulties and is not available.


* Full disclosure: ClickPsy is a division of Stresshacker LLC, a company owned by Dr. Mark Zuccolo, Executive Director of GAMFT.